Track and cross all calls generated by your website

We link online experience to call contents. You better understand/apprehend the paths that trigger calls and conversions for a better client experience, thanks to the Vocal Cookie

Capture of all conversations and digital data

Thanks to the Vocal cookie, you know the number of calls generated by your website as well as their purpose. Our Call Intelligence technology, combining speech recognition, and real time semantic analysis allows to analyse phone conversations and get the data and the purpose of each call in real time. This technology helps you improve call conversion and customer online experience.

Connect calls data to your tools

Thanks to the Vocal Cookie, connect structured data to your analytical tools or to your CRM in real time, in order to monitor phone performances and enrich your decision-making tools.

Retargeting based on conversation

After the call, make your prospects commit again thanks to personalized retargeting based on what the customer has said on the phone.
Relation client

Alert your teams in real time

As calls are automatically qualified, you can call out your teams in case of a crisis or business opportunity.
Relevant information is pulled up to your marketing & business teams in order to improve your acquisitions, loyalty and customer online experience.

They trust us

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